Public Classes

Open Class

A fluid and mindful Hatha-Vinyasa practice which takes you deeper in your yoga practice. Classes flow through creative sequences with skillful hands-on-assists supported by yoga practices including pranayama, meditation, chanting, deep relaxation, and philosophical teachings emphasizing compassionate living. Recommended +3 months regular yoga asana practice to attend.

Autumn 2021:  

Thursdays 6-7.15 and Saturdays 11-12.15 at Maitri Studio.

Basics Class

Best for beginners, students brand new to yoga, or more experienced students wishing to refine their practice.  Students are taught ‘how to do’ asana through the use of props and partner exercises.  A strong emphasis is placed on correct alignment and how to build a yoga practice from the ground up.  This class can be booked using a class pass, or can be booked as a six-week course.

Autumn 2021:  

Not Scheduled.

Yin Class

Yin yoga is a quiet, cooling, non-muscular practice where we hold poses for longer periods of time, usually between three to ten minutes. These longer holds help to stretch deeply into the body to reach the fascia, connective tissue, and gently open the joints. Yin Yoga is a fantastic compliment to a regular yang practice.  This class can be booked using a class pass, or can be booked as a six-week course.

Autumn 2021:  

Not Scheduled.

Trauma Informed

Trauma Informed Yoga is a methodology designed to support those who suffer from trauma and trauma related illnesses by offering a place of structure and safety.  Trauma informed care offers students a space where they may listen to their own bodies and respond to its needs in the present moment. Trauma informed yoga can compliment conventional therapy with embodiment practices that may include movement, breathing, or mindfulness.  

Autumn 2021:  

Not Scheduled.  


Inversions Workshop

Explore yoga inversions in this playful extended workshop. We will learn the foundations that allow us to go upside down with strength, control, and balance.  This workshop will cover the fundamentals of forearm stand (Pincha Mayurasana), handstand (Ado Mukha Vrksasana), and headstand (Salamba Sirsasana).  You will explore practical exercises as well as partner exercises and the use of props to support you.  You will leave with an improved confidence when encountering inversions in your daily practice.  Open to all.


Autumn 2021:  Sunday 26th September 2-4.30 at Maitri Studio.

Price:  £25

Hip Opening + Arm Balance Workshop

In this workshop we will work in stages and build upon each stage  to explore a range of hip opening yoga postures and arm balances.  A strong emphasis will be placed on the foundations and how this can provide the link to allow us to explore and understand stronger hip openers in our yoga practice.  This workshop will include carefully designed sequences, partner work, and how to adapt various asanas to our bodies using a variety of props. Open to all.

Autumn 2021:  Cancelled.

Back Bending Workshop

Back bends are for every body, but sometimes our bodies need a little bit of support to make them more accessible.  In this workshop we will explore a variety of back bending yoga asana through carefully designed sequences, partner work, and learn how to use props to support and enhance our back bending practice.  Plenty of time will be given to exploring how a back bending practice can be adapted to your body. Open to all.

Autumn 2021:  Sunday 21st November 2-4.30 at Maitri Studio.

Price:  £25

Chakra Balancing Workshop

The practices of Hatha Yoga assist us in letting go of a lot of “stuff” we have accumulated in our physical, mental and emotional bodies.  This workshop will begin with a warm-up, a brief introduction to the concept of chakras (energy wheels) followed by a practical asana application.

The physical practice of this workshop specifically relates to the 7 main chakras and subsequently their corresponding relationships to others and ourselves. The asana component is combined with specific sound and chanting exercises that aid in the cleansing process.  Open to all.

Autumn 2021:  Sunday 12th December 2-4.30 at Maitri Studio.

Price:  £25


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