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Jivamukti Asana Class

Spring | Summer 2022:  

Thursdays 6-7.15 and Saturdays 11-12.15 at Maitri Studio.

A fluid and mindful Hatha-Vinyasa practice which takes you deeper in your yoga practice. Classes flow through creative sequences with skilful hands-on-assists supported by yoga practices including pranayama, meditation, chanting, and deep relaxation. Recommended +3 months regular yoga asana practice to attend.

Basics Class

Spring | Summer 2022:  


Not scheduled.

Best for beginners, students brand new to yoga, or more experienced students wishing to refine their practice.  Students are taught ‘how to do’ asana through the use of props and partner exercises.  A strong emphasis is placed on correct alignment and how to build a yoga practice from the ground up. 

Yin Yoga

Spring | Summer 2022: 


Not scheduled.

A quiet, simple, non-muscular practice where we hold postures between three and five minutes to stretch deeply into the body to reach the fascia, connective tissue, and gently open the joints. Use bolsters, pillows, blocks, and blankets to make each pose comfortable and sustainable as you drop into your edge and experience deep stillness and contemplation.

Trauma Informed Yoga

Spring | Summer 2022: 


Not scheduled.

Trauma Informed Yoga is designed to support those who suffer from trauma by offering a place of structure and safety.  Trauma informed yoga offers students a space where they may listen to their bodies and respond to its needs in the present moment. This methodology can compliment conventional therapy with embodiment practices that include movement, breathing, or mindfulness.

Personal Yoga

Single 60 Minutes | £45


Five 60 Minutes |  £200

Single 90 Minutes | £60


Five 90 Minutes | £275

Personal yoga sessions are great for beginners and more experienced practitioners.  With one-on-one attention, you can work towards a specific goal and learn ways to build your practice based on your specific needs.  Beginners will be introduced to the fundamentals of yoga and can ask questions, break down postures, and receive explicit alignment instructions that work for your body.  Practitioners with more regular yoga experience can explore postures, work through any obstacles, and go deeper into your practice than you might do in a public class.

Corporate Yoga

Single Session | £60

Five Sessions | £275

Ten Sessions | £500

Bespoke packages available.

I offer bespoke yoga and wellness packages to local businesses and have worked with the Northern Ireland Civil Service, the Public  Prosecution Service, and Capita.  Corporate yoga can relieve stress and increase mindfulness in the workplace.  Corporate yoga can give a mental and physical boost to kick off the day, or can offer a boost before the afternoon round of work.  This is a great way to allow staff to bond and counteracts hunching over the phone / computer tablet throughout the day.  



One Month Expiry

Five Classes


Two Month Expiry

Ten Classes



Three Month Expiry

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